Closing the Digital Divide

Why Attend?

Attending this event allows for active engagement in determining how we close the digital divide for our CSUDH community and Community-Based Partners. This collaborative event demonstrates on-going work and commitment to the mission. We will be the evidence that through this coming together that we are actively changing lives for administration, faculty, staff, students, our community partners and the surrounding community members. We are actively strengthening and contributing to the economic outlook in Los Angeles County by providing digital equity opportunities and education.

WIN Interns and CSUDH Students:

  • Understand their own role in strengthening their digital literacy development.
  • Developing their theoretical and practical application about their coursework, the skills gained from coursework and its direct relationship to the workforce and or their entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Opportunity to build relationships with students, faculty, community partners and campus administrators that will enhance their knowledge, understanding, enhance their evaluation, analytical and application skills and ability to create new knew knowledge becoming an invaluable voice in the workforce.
  • Participate in collegiate and collaborative practices of an academic conference.
  • Strengthen their confidence through interaction with the campus and community at large, building social and cultural capital.
  • Lend their student voice in a collaborative community space to contribute to change.
  • Opportunity to present their research about digital equity in Los Angeles County.
  • Learn about WIN and internship program.
  • Learn the importance of reflective and reflexive practices.

Community Based Organizations (Our Partners):

  • An opportunity to hear how their organizational colleagues are working to close the digital divide with their CSUDH partners.
  • A chance to learn how other community organizations are solving problems for their communities.
  • Meet potential interns while strengthening relationships with current students.
  • Actively participate in closing the digital divide in a collaborative setting to create new goals and invigorate current ones.
  • Strengthen and continue their reflective and reflexive process.

Campus Administrators & Staff:

  • The opportunity to see the active work among colleagues.
  • Increase awareness of how the University is innovative and committed to closing the digital divide for the CSUDH community.
  • Become inspired to promote digital literacy, equity and education in their own departments to inspire others and take action.
  • Strengthen and continue their reflective and reflexive process.


  • Participating in life-long learning.
  • Developing continuous improvement through evaluation of their curriculum.
  • An opportunity to develop a curriculum that is inclusive of workforce needs.
  • Exercising their ability to innovate and develop projects that meet the needs of community partners while teaching and facilitating in their area of expertise.
  • Creating current, meaningful and future opportunities for students through their partnerships with Community Based Partners.
  • Strengthen and continue their reflective and reflexive process.